Nelson Drilling Tools, LLC. represents the following companies:

Smith Bits; TCI and Milled Tooth Roller Cone Bits, Standard PDC Bits, Stingblade Hybrid PDC Bits, Axeblade PDC Bits,  Impregnated Diamond Bits, Hammer Bits

Downhole Stabilization Inc: Stabilizers, Hole Openers, Roller Reamers, Float Subs, Steerable and Non-Magnetic Stabilizers 

Nelson Drilling Tools; Rerun and Retip Bits, 4-blade Chevron style and Sandvik OFM roller cone Workover bits, Shock Tools, Geothermal Drilling Jars

Oilfield Supply Center Inc; Grant type 8068 and 7068 Low Pressure Geothermal Rotating Drilling Heads, HydraQuaker Drilling Jars, Rhino Reamers, XTU Underreamers, ATCS Torque Units, Drill Collars, Heavy Weight Drillpipe, Monels.